Picnab’s encrypted, digital ledger of rights ownership of photographs is the new future!

During the last few months, the Crazy boom in the cryptocurrency market has created more wealth opportunities for people, especially artists. Crypto assets called NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have seen widespread popularity, with trades going into the millions.

NFTs have been around for quite a while — but 2021 saw the substantial rise of NFTs and captured the attention of creators and artists worldwide. NFT made its mainstream debut with Beeple; digital art by the artist Beeple sold for $69 million, stirring up global news that acquired worldwide recognition. The JPG file by Beeple named “Everydays: The First 5000 Days’’, is a virtual mosaic, and its deal has blown many people’s minds on the planet. Mike Winkelmann, a US artist, out of nowhere turned into a tremendous subject of conversation in the NFT art market.

Such a huge amount caught the attention of many, and suddenly, everybody was discussing NFTs. But what is an NFT? Can NFTs benefit photographers?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, refer to a digital token or certificate stored on a blockchain. NFTs are unique digital assets that can be bought and sold.

Photographers and NFTs: A Perfect Match

While thinking of NFTs, the first thing that comes to mind is Fine art, cartoons, and GIFs. While 3D and illustration arts are gaining a lot of attention, Photography is still in the NFT infancy stage.

Photographers in a digital age face different challenges than their photography forefathers; With advancements in technology, new obstacles present themselves to be overcome. Photographers often seem worried about posting their photos online from being stolen, losing credibility, and not getting a fair reward for the work.

NFTs are a radically different approach for photographers to sell their digital photos but are also a process strange to most. While most NFT marketplaces focus mainly on 3D and illustration ART, photographers are still looking for their safe haven.

Picnab addresses this issue and provides a fast and secure platform to download copies of stock images for free and assign NFTs to images as unique signature creations.

Picnab: The future of Photography and its ownership

Picnab aims to empower photographers with the ownership of their hard work encrypted in a digital ledger while receiving due credit for their work. Picnab uses Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) and the power of blockchain to provide photographers complete ownership of their work.

Picnab is an NFT based stock image platform that helps photographers by giving real value to their digital assets. The platform uses blockchain technology to tokenize digital assets by assigning them an NFT.

Picnab assigns NFTs to digital images/art, making them unique and maintained by a blockchain network. Every NFT can be traced back to the original owner on the blockchain, thus reducing image theft cases.

Picnab is a stock image platform that helps photographers by assigning real value to the pictures. The platform uses blockchain technology to tokenize a photographer’s digital assets by assigning them an NFT and making them part of the immutable blockchain ledger.

Picnab is a decentralized marketplace for photographers to get real value for their digital photos and assets. Picnab allows photographers to showcase their work on Picnab without worrying about their images being stolen or misused.

Picnab combines an NFT and a stock image platform to create a functional blockchain-powered image stock platform. Picnab allows users to download the stock images for free as photographers can assign NFTs to images as the unique signature creations making the ownership immutable. For every download, Photographers will receive a $PIC coin as a reward. Also, as NFTs protect all images, they can be sold, making Picnab a win-win situation for the community.

About Picnab

Picnab relies on PIC, a reward token by the company to reward their photographers for their contribution and create a fair ecosystem for both creators and the users. Among several features, Picnab offers:

  • Picnab aims to set free all photos on the internet and give the owners the real value of their hard work.
  • A global platform where photographers and artists can showcase and sell their photos and artworks as NFTs to a large audience of collectors.
  • We assign every photo and artwork with an NFT that makes the ownership and copyright immutable.
  • A global platform where users can download copies of the original photos for free and use them anywhere they want.
  • The content creators will be rewarded with a PIC token for every download.

Picnab creates a win-win situation for every entity involved in the workings of the platform without diminishing the value of the photo or ownership. Picnab is a disruptive platform that will revolutionize the digital space for photographers and other artists.

PIC Token holders can choose to mint their photos/tokens as NFTs and earn additional rewards or sell the NFTs on Picnab’s marketplace to global buyers without worrying about transferring ownership of the image.

Get in touch

Twitter: @Picnab_Official

Telegram: @Picnab_Official

Linkedin: Picnab

Facebook: Picnab

Instagram: picnab_official

For more information about the project, you can visit their website.




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