Monetize your photos using Blockchain with Picnab

Digital photography is an appreciated and widely loved art form practiced all around the world. Over time, the photography industry has undergone several advancements and helped it become more accessible to users. Photographers now have better opportunities to market their artworks and have a steady source of income.

However, the popularly used medium, social media, holds no accountability for image thefts and copyright infringement resulting in considerable monetary losses. Blockchain has been advantageous in securing several art industries, and there has been a lot of talk of integrating the technology with digital photography for a while now.

Luckily, Picnab has developed a blockchain-powered NFT marketplace that gives photographers a rewarding way to market their photos while ensuring security. Picnab is the best example of how blockchain can optimize the digital photography industry.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a digital ledger publicly available that records and stores data. NFTs or non-fungible tokens are intangible tokens registered on blockchain assigned to real-world assets, which in the case of Picnab are photographs. Blockchain has the inherent advantage of being immutable, which means once data is recorded on the ledger, it cannot be modified or tampered with.

This quality of blockchain technology has opened up new use cases for several industries by ensuring the data remains secure and unadulterated. When an NFT is assigned to a real-world asset, its information, such as date of creation, owner, copyright, etc., is permanently stored on the blockchain. Also, all future transactions, such as the sale of NFT, are stored on the blockchain to provide an easily accessible trail of transactions.

How does Picnab use Blockchain to Monetize photos?

Picnab utilizes the inherent advantages of blockchain technology to assign NFTs to all the images uploaded on the platform by creators. Once the NFT is assigned, the copyright becomes permanent even if the NFT is sold on the marketplace. However, Picnab not only ensures safety but generates a two-fold monetizing opportunity.

Firstly, Picnab offers an NFT marketplace where photographers can sell their NFTs to potential buyers. This marketplace has a global audience and increasing reach, which will ultimately surpass the reach of social media platforms.

Secondly, Picnab is also a stock image marketplace. Unlike most stock image marketplaces, Picnab rewards creators whenever their photos are downloaded. Users of the Picnab can download copies of original artwork for free and use them for personal or commercial use. On every download, the photographer is rewarded with the PIC Token. PIC is a reward token by Picnab, which will be listed on several exchanges to allow the users to trade it for their preferred coins. Moreover, token holders can hold and stake the PIC tokens to earn even more rewards.

Using this monetizing mechanism, Picnab rewards creators such as digital photographers and artists with multiple income sources. Photographers can become creators and list their photos on the marketplace today by signing up on this link.

Picnab is solving the most taxing problems that photographers are facing in today’s world using blockchain technology and NFTs. Also, as all the transactions are powered by blockchain, they are evidently secure and quick.

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Telegram: @Picnab_Official

Linkedin: Picnab

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Instagram: picnab_official

For more information about the project, you can visit our website.




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